Beetroot Granular Dried


Beetroot Granular Dried

Net weight : 80g


Shelf life : 18 month

Storage : Room temperature or below 25 degree

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Beetroot Granular Dried (2mm)

Packaging Size:  80g

Baby Mom Mom’s dried veggies is the best choice of baby food products for your little one!  It is so convenient and easy to use. Required no peeling! No bulk and raw vegetables waste.

♥️healthy ♥️convenient ♥️made from 100% natural ingredients.

Dried Veggies

We have two types of shape of dried vegetables that are in flakes and dice with the size of about 2mm. It is widely used for cooking porridges, noodles, instant noodles, soup, rice and so on.

Even, you can store it as emergency food storage.

The 2mm size of the vegetables has been just nice for the baby above 8 months old which have started solid food.


Baby Mom Mom’s porridge dried vegetables are using air-dried method.

Baby Mom Mom’s porridge dried vegetables are using air-dried method. Air-dried foods are not heat-dried. it is air-dried under low temperatures. Moisture is removed from food by evaporating. The food is naturally preserved without using artificial preservatives.

❇️ Use fresh vegetables ❇️ No added preservatives ❇️ No artificial color added

❇️ No added seasoning ❇️ No added chemical ingredients ❇️ No added fragrances

We are making an effort in the process of air-dried vegetables to ensure all the products are safe for baby consumption.  We take this process’s safety and health seriously.

Here are the steps of the process, we would like to share with you.

Washing – Sterilization – Cutting/Sizing – Air-drying – Air separation & Stoning machine (to get rid of the lighter items: strings, fibers, hair, and heavy materials like stones) – sieving -metal detecting- x-tray inspecting – Packing

Serving Suggestion:

Can use for cooking porridge, stew, soup, fried rice, noodles/ instant noodles and etc.

Serving Instruction:

Use hot water to soak for 5 mins before baking/fried or stir cook rice/ noodles. Can use directly in cooking soup, stew or porridge.

Dried vegetables should be cooked before serving.


Store in the fridge once open. Avoid heat and direct sunlight.

Note: Mummy, please check if your baby is allergic to the vegetables before placing order.

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