Assam Tea Instant Powder


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Assam Tea Instant Powder

100% Pure and Natural, Sugar Free

No preservative added.

How to use?

Simply add the desired amount of instant tea powder (you may start with around 1 teaspoon) to your cup (300ml water). You can always add more if needed. Just add hot water and stir!
Most commonly use in baking confectionery, cosmetic use, scrub and so on.

Instant tea powder would be best stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight.

The taste of Instant Tea powder makes it a perfect ingredient for any kind of baking cakes, pancakes, rolls, cheesecake, bread, cookies, latte, boba drink, food recipes, ice cream, smoothie or even you can have it pure just add hot water!

We hope you enjoy our Instant Tea powder as much as we do!

Product imported from Taiwan

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