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Where to buy nutrition instant baby porridge in malaysia?

Baby porridge malaysia online store.

Baby mommom is a brand of baby porridge malaysia and specialist create product solid food baby 8-12 month or 13 month and above as

porridge with dried vegetable ,seafood , algae and poultry below:

-Beetroot , pumpkin , onion , spinach , seaweed , carrot , broccoli , spring onion , sweet potato , purple potato , mushroom.

-Dried salmon fish floss ,Dried chicken floss , dried anchovy powder .


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Baby mommom is understanding how to babies enjoy the food without salt and sugar , we found baby seasoning or baby spices as own recipe.

We are achieve to launch the product are quality , freshness Ingredients and good taste baby meal.
We consider kinds of food ingredients, amount and nutritional balance for baby porridge. Baby Mom Mom’s porridge ingredients are source freshly and absolutely free from salt, coloring , preservatives, additives and artificial sugar in any of the meals.

Mummies don’t miss Baby Daily Nutrients even busy

baby mommom convenience

Baby Mom Mom’s Porridge is developed based on the understanding of mommies’ worries,

For mummies who do not have spare time to cook or make their children’s food , can’t properly control

the thickness of your Child’s food across different stages or mommies who prepare

too much worrying that the quality will change.

Average weight gain and growth of baby 6-12 months old will gain around 2-4 ounces per week

food choices for your baby focus on the vitamins and minerals,

addition to all of the nutrients your baby from 6-12 Months food sources rich in these nutrients are listed below:

Zinc-Found in beef, lamb, turkey, shrimp, spinach, pumpkin , sesame seeds , asparagus and quinoa

Vitamin C – Easily found fruit high in strawberries , orange , lemon , papaya , kiwi , mango and broccoli.

Iron – mostly easily absorbed from red meat and found in spinach, dark green leaves vegetables ,

beetroot, collard greens, bok – choy, kale and beans.

Vitamin A– Found in sweet or purple potatoes, carrots, dark green leafy vegetables as kale, spinach, kale , green beans,

whole milk and fish .

Vitamin D -Found in salmon, tuna, milk , yogurts and whole grain cereals.

Omega-3. Found in low-mercury oily fish as salmon or sardines, algae as seaweed or kelp , nuts and seeds as walnuts or chia seed ,

Those raw are recommend for Babies.

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